Myths About Farming

This isn’t just in the northeastern US, this is applicable to agriculture all over the states!

11 Myths About Northeast Farming 

This report specifically looks at census results for Farm Credit East’s seven-state region: New York, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, to debunk the following eleven myths:
The family farm is a dying tradition and agriculture is dominated by “corporate farmers.”
Farming is dominated by “factory farms.”
Agriculture would be better if commercial farms had not grown so large.
Farmers depend on government payments to earn a living.
Family farming involves one family operating one farm.
Most farmers are old.
Too many senior farmers.
No one gets started in agriculture anymore.
Farming is a man’s world with few women farmers.
Operating a small farm is a wonderful way to earn an easy living.
Farmers no longer own much of the land.

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What do you guys think about this?

Personally, I find it ridiculous. The “wild” horse is not actually a wild native animal to North America. It is simply a feral animal that originated from escaped domestication early on during the original exploration.

They strain the native lands and stress the native species of the areas. Also, it needs to be mentioned that the horses running around now are so inbred with other horses that have simply been released that there is no way to prove that the animals are even of the original bloodlines that were first lost here.

They are a species that needs to be managed in order to prevent continuous destruction of the rangeland.

And besides all that, the groups pushing for this have no understanding of anything besides the fact that the “wild” aka feral horses are so pretty and create a majestic and whimsical idea of America. At least in my opinion.