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Posted 1 month ago

Why cattle rustling and tractor thefts are on the rise

Has anyone in your area been affected by this new modern day rustling?

Posted 1 month ago
Posted 1 month ago

Calving season!

Posted 2 months ago

A Harder Outlook for Today’s Cowboy -

For more than a century now, the National Western Stock Show has been a proud totem of the old frontier — a place where rodeos, ranching and cowboys still live and breathe, even as Denver’s cow town roots have long since faded.

Posted 2 months ago

Calving season will start here next month so figured this was only fitting!

Posted 3 months ago

Pondering Cattle Prices

Awesome article about the cattle/ meat industry.

Posted 4 months ago

Warmer temps have blessed us! A warm 35 this weekend made calves and dogs alike more willing to cooperate!

Posted 4 months ago

What is your opinion?

To be considered an “organic” animal agriculture producer you have to raise the mother’s in an organic style starting at a minimum of the third trimester. Now, organic rules state you cannot have any genetically engineered aspects (granted they are talking about crops).

Do you think the “genetically engineered” aspect needs to be carried over to the animal agriculture sector to be considered 100% organic? After all, using embryo transfer, AI and synchronization isn’t organic.

Let me know your opinions!

Posted 6 months ago

Montana Reports New Brucellosis Case > Northern Ag Network

Sadly, a battle we have to fight all the time raising cattle in Montana.

Posted 8 months ago

Don’t know much about the feed lot sector? Check out  this video: I Am Angus: Role of a Feedyard (by Angus TV)