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Posted 3 weeks ago

Why Do Hog Farmers Keep Their Pigs Inside Barns? | Food Dialogues

This morning I stumbled across a letter to the editor that does an EXCELLENT job explaining what it is like to raise hogs outdoors. There are several farmers who still use this method of production and I know they are putting in many extra hours this time of year to keep their hogs safe and warm. (Especially with the upcoming snow storm we are supposed to get this weekend). It’€™s a very difficult thing to do in our area of the country and the following letter to the editor does a great job of explaining the challenges these farmers face.

Posted 4 weeks ago
4 oz. beef from steer given hormones has 1.6 nanograms of estrogen while 4 oz. beef from untreated steer has 1.2 nanograms of estrogen. Compare this to 4 oz. raw cabbage has 2700 ng estrogen and the average soy latte (one cup of soymilk) has 30,000 nanograms of estrogen
Posted 1 month ago

Do you understand food labels?

With terms like organic, gluten free and all natural do consumers truly understand what they mean or are they simply purchasing as a fad?

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Posted 2 months ago

Meat Inspection & Recalls: How It Works

Whatever the reason for the recall, it’s important to understand WHAT a recall is, HOW inspection works, and WHY a recall is effective in order to take the fear out of it all.

Read more at Chico Locker Sausage Co.

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Posted 6 months ago

A reminder folks:

Just because you produce “all-natural” or organic products does not mean that you are superior to other producers. 

And just because you buy those products does not make you superior to those other consumers.

Keep that in mind when you are attempting to lecture others about their choices in production or buying.

Posted 11 months ago

May is Beef Month! Do you know where your favorite cut comes from?